“Here I Lie”

A blank verse poem – first time I’m trying it out, as part of a class. Iambic pentameter without rhyme, structured into a poem about an alcoholic, escapist cinephile who’s resigned to the life he lives.

Possible updates/revisions to come on this one, as I love the way it’s starting out. Apologies for the ugly underlines; it seems to be the only way to get the correct indentation working.

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“Myth,” A Compilation

A pair of sonnets with the rhyme structure ABBA – CDDC – EFFE – GG. Additionally, they are both structured in iambic pentameter.

“Chimera” is a very different sonnet from “Phoenix,” as it explores the feeling of being multiracial in a non-post-racial society, and is laden with references and wordplays to achieve that goal. It is partially inspired by bits of rap and SLAM poetry, as well.

“Phoenix,” as part of a class assignment, required that I explore the etymology of the word “burn,” but I intended the poem to also explore the phenomenon of failure and the paradox of fruitless ambition.

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I wrote a few words of something a while back, didn’t like it, and deleted it, but left the page as a draft entitled “Filler.” I realized recently that I’ve been focusing too much on meter and rhyme recently, and that there’s some beauty inherent in the words and images I represent; this is an attempt in recalling some of this in a very intentionally ironic manner. In “Filler,” I address existential issues by commenting on the futility of questioning them in the first place.

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“There’s Something”

Written in the deep abyss of finals week over a mug of hot chocolate and homemade butterscotch. Note the structure in the meter of “There’s Something” – it’s iambic, but the lines are 4, 3, 2, 2, 3 in iambic pairs of syllables (feet), with the iambic trimetric (3-pair) lines rhyming.

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For this poem, I decided to challenge myself and play with meter more than usual. Each line was originally going to be two three-syllable lines, but I changed it to six-syllable lines to allow some edits. It’s all unstressed-unstressed-stressed, which was actually quite difficult, especially when trying to rhyme every other line with only a few words to work with.

The content itself is simple; a reflection on the power of imagination.

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“Today,” A Compilation

A few more light-hearted original works of mine from the past. They’re a bit longer, more free-versed. They tell stories glorifying the conventional bits of everyday life that wouldn’t otherwise catch any attention. Little interactions between people that emphasize or call to question the humanity, the personality, of life. The title is a contrast to the glorification of ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Tomorrow’ that we see so often.

Includes “Unconditional” and “Mud.”

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