I Kiss By The Book

An imitation of Renaissance love sonnets that I wrote for a class on that exact subject. I wanted to sort of go against the worship-esque qualities that don’t quite fit in with modern society, so I wrote it from the perspective of a skeptic who’s read a lot of that type of poem. ABBAABBACDECDE scheme, fully iambic and pentametric except for the punctuating last syllables.

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An imitation of Laura Kasischke’s “Riddle,” from “Space, in Chains”

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Feast of Trumpets – A New World Awaits

A revamp of the blog after a while of not posting. No more Calvin and Hobbes (and not just because I ran out of images…I swear…) and a new age of poetry. Revisions will likely follow.

The poem (or, really, series of mini-poems) that is “Chill” was created by taking one line from the lyrics of each of the 100 songs in my “Chill” playlist, and trying to make some sort of cohesive story out of it. The source material for each line is in order in the playlist linked at the bottom.

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