This poem is dedicated to Ned Vizzini, an author who graced my early high school years with novels that breached topics most wouldn’t. “Be More Chill” and “It’s Kind Of A Funny Story,” especially, were immensely important to me.

Vizzini took his own life in December of 2013 as a result of his chronic depression, and I wrote this poem to honor his memory and the impact he’s had on me, as well as to retain awareness of mental health issues and suicide, a combo that takes far too many lives every year. Vizzini’s prose was often beautiful in its imagery but not overdone, and I hoped to emulate that and to still incorporate some verse for the formal structure. Elements of his style are present, especially nearer the end of the poem; the last few lines are a direct reflection of the insane, intense, and powerful ending of “It’s Kind Of A Funny Story.”

Also, I wanted to write a poem about hot showers.

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