Lyin awake at night
Why is my phone so bright
Dyin to take a break
Five AM still awake
But it’s the same by day
I know it sounds cliché
Everything feels the same
And I dunno what to blame
Tryna forget it all
Don’t wanna feel this small
Tryna distract myself
Wanna be someone else
Pretendin it’s not so bad
Remember what else I had
Remember the early days
Nostalgic but all a haze
When I could be satisfied
With knowin that I had tried
When I could be confident
That I’d always be content
When I was a growin boy
Back before Illinois
And I didn’t have to care
How I looked in underwear
When I could see all my friends
Through some rose-tinted lens
But that’s why I still can’t sleep
Regrets take the place of sheep
I thought I could count em all
Pride dies before I fall
Wakin up day by day
Jumpin back in the frey
Excuses to skip the bar
No money, no clothes, no car
No time to go hit the gym
No time to hang out with him
No reason to make a change
No reason to rearrange
Just cold sheets and memories
Bold thoughts, no guarantees
Stolen prerogatives
Preventin my positives
Rollin initiative
Wonderin why we live
Rollin some different shit
Wonder if this is it


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