“Pillow Thoughts”

I wrote this poem to explore, as part of a class assignment, the intricacies of using extremely short lines. Additionally, each stanza is composed of two tercets (groups of 3 lines), with 3-3-2 syllables, and an overall iambic metrical scheme. It was extremely difficult to make the rhyme work with so few words, but the second and third words of the first line and the last words of the second and third lines rhyme with their counterparts in the other tercet of each stanza. Lots of fun to write, but pretty hard, too.

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“Here I Lie”

A blank verse poem – first time I’m trying it out, as part of a class. Iambic pentameter without rhyme, structured into a poem about an alcoholic, escapist cinephile who’s resigned to the life he lives.

Possible updates/revisions to come on this one, as I love the way it’s starting out. Apologies for the ugly underlines; it seems to be the only way to get the correct indentation working.

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