“There’s Something”

“There’s Something”

There’s something safe in loneliness,
which none can take away.
There’s something soft,
but hard to find;
he’ll find it here, someday.

There’s something missing in his life,
which death cannot fulfill.
A hole, a ream,
but wholly dreamed,
a world standing still.

There’s something gleaming in his eyes,
a fellow, over there;
his chin pronounced,
his shoulders strong,
and tasteful facial hair.

There’s something different with this guy.
Connections could be made.
A wayward glance
(a coy romance)
that very seldom strayed.

There’s something sweet in waking up
from long and restless sleep.
The blankets tossed,
the sheets compressed
into a crumpled heap.

There’s something sad in each goodbye,
no matter what comes next.
He smiled and waved
then floated on,
just hoping for a text.

There’s something dark in silence, too,
when thought replaces word.
He fears the worst
and feels spurned,
just yearning to be heard.

There’s something kind in drunkenness,
which he can never lose.
No silence felt
through frozen grip;
the cold embrace of booze.

There’s something safe in loneliness,
which none can take from him.
He drowns each day
in splattered dreams
while struggling to swim.


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