I wrote a few words of something a while back, didn’t like it, and deleted it, but left the page as a draft entitled “Filler.” I realized recently that I’ve been focusing too much on meter and rhyme recently, and that there’s some beauty inherent in the words and images I represent; this is an attempt in recalling some of this in a very intentionally ironic manner. In “Filler,” I address existential issues by commenting on the futility of questioning them in the first place.

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“There’s Something”

Written in the deep abyss of finals week over a mug of hot chocolate and homemade butterscotch. Note the structure in the meter of “There’s Something” – it’s iambic, but the lines are 4, 3, 2, 2, 3 in iambic pairs of syllables (feet), with the iambic trimetric (3-pair) lines rhyming.

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