For this poem, I decided to challenge myself and play with meter more than usual. Each line was originally going to be two three-syllable lines, but I changed it to six-syllable lines to allow some edits. It’s all unstressed-unstressed-stressed, which was actually quite difficult, especially when trying to rhyme every other line with only a few words to work with.

The content itself is simple; a reflection on the power of imagination.

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“Today,” A Compilation

A few more light-hearted original works of mine from the past. They’re a bit longer, more free-versed. They tell stories glorifying the conventional bits of everyday life that wouldn’t otherwise catch any attention. Little interactions between people that emphasize or call to question the humanity, the personality, of life. The title is a contrast to the glorification of ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Tomorrow’ that we see so often.

Includes “Unconditional” and “Mud.”

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