“A Man on Break”

I have my hard hat next to me
on the bench, with my coat
my sandwich is delicious
my daughter made it for me
I bet she misses me

The birds are singing
flitting from branch to branch
I think I saw a rabbit there
under the shadow of the building
the long, long shadow

It’s funny
I can see this park from up there
if I look down while I work
but I can’t hear the birdsong
or see any rabbits

I do feel the breeze, though
the wind is piercing, way up there
cuts deep, to my core
I shudder and finish my sandwich
crumbs can stay in the bag

My break is almost over
a brief respite from hard work
I’ll have to go back up, soon
my toolbox is still on-site
my lunch is done

It’s funny
I work all day up here
but nothing really changes
I still leave a half-finished tower
when I go back to my home

I can see the park from here
I should take my daughter there someday
she likes birds, I think
maybe not
I know she misses me

It’s funny
I almost laugh
but I don’t
I smile a little
I’m awfully high up

I can see the park from here
it seems so small
why does it bother?

My daughter might like it
but she likes most things
such a good kid
I wonder what she’s doing
I hope she’ll miss me

My hard hat is tight, uncomfortable
but it keeps me safe
if I got hurt, though
or something
my insurance would help her

My coat feels heavy
but it’s warm
protects me from the wind
always blowing, shaking me
cuts deep, to my core

It’s funny
the elevator takes so long
when it’s going up
but it’s’ faster going down
this time I laugh

My hard hat is stifling me
I take it off so I can feel the air
streaking by my face as I fall
I wonder if I’ll hear the birds
I’ll miss her, too.


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