Or Lack Thereof (An Introduction)

I dedicate this blog to the purest form of selfishness.

To questions, answers, and everything in between. My biggest struggle here will be expression: this blog is of me, by me, but for you.  If I can get my thoughts across with any semblance of legibility, I’ll chalk it up as a W.

This is an exploration of ‘me’ in every way. Who am I? What do I believe?  What do I know, control, or feel?

Hopefully there will be entertainment here (or at least mild amusement, an occasional chuckle at the very least) for visitors.  The site is a little bit of everything, be it academia, poetry (lots of poetry), societal commentary, literature, philosophy, anything else I can think of.

For now, I’m keeping some of the more personal posts ‘private’, but I may change that later on. My poems can sometimes touch on uncomfortable subjects, as they generally reflect my thought process through dealing with things I don’t fully understand or would like to explore more; be warned.

Unless noted otherwise, everything I post here (especially poems tagged Original and uncited bits of my Philosophy-tagged discussions) is my own intellectual property.  All posts have featured images from Calvin and Hobbes, which belongs to and was created by Bill Watterson, an artist who made a great difference in my childhood, and a man with excellent morals.  I have no qualms with being cited or with my work being shared, as long as I know about it.  Thanks!

Enjoy the ride. I hope I will, too.


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